Member Welcome letter


Location and Parking

Our office is located in The Edgecliff Building at 2200 Victory Parkway, Suite 603. The Edgecliff is a tall gray and white high-rise.  Our office is on the ground floor, immediately to the right of the main building entrance.  We have designated parking by our entrance. Limited appointments are available with Dr. Mechley at Beacon Orthopedics, 6480 Harrison Ave, Suite 100, Cincinnati OH, 45247.The rich text element allows you to create and format headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, images, and video all in one place instead of having to add and format them individually. Just double-click and easily create content.

Business Hours

Monday-Friday 830 – 5 with a break from 12-1 for lunch.


For new patient appointments, we will send you a link once you make your Spruce account to schedule your intake visit.

For follow-up appointments, please go to and use your Elation Passport account. WE WILL HELP YOU CREATE THIS ACCOUNT DURING YOUR FIRST VISIT. If you have any difficulty, just ask!

For Virtual Visits
  • Please have your Spruce app open at the time of your visit, and the physician will initiate the call.
  • Please be in a quiet, private space with good internet access (never driving!).
  • Please have any medication bottles handy.
No Show Policy

You will be billed $50 for any No-Show or Same Day Cancellations.  We block PLENTY of time for each visit, so this means if you don’t come, you just prevented 1-2 other people from accessing their doctor that day.  This is a new policy, but we just had to do it! We work really hard to respect your time, we ask the same.

After-Hours Concerns

We understand sometimes you have urgent medical needs outside of office hours. Please call us through the Spruce app (phone icon in upper right hand corner) and leave a voicemail after business hours. We do not check text messages after hours or on weekends.  You must leave a voicemail so we know to return your call.

How do I know if it’s urgent? Urgent usually means you are considering going to urgent care or you are really worried that it can’t wait until the next day. If we can help, and save you hassle and money, we will!  We rely on you to be responsible with this access.


Did you sign up for the Spruce app?  Did you turn Notifications ON?  Please do! Please use the Spruce app to call and text us.  This will not only provide a secure method to communicate, it will also identify you as a patient for a quicker response. We respond to Spruce texts between 9 am and 4 pm. Again, being able to communicate with you makes both of us happy. ☺

Our monthly newsletter will be emailed to you, it is SUPER important. Lots of announcements about the practice and helpful information, and sometimes even fun videos. Please read!

Did you make an Elation Passport account?  This is where you will get lab results and can see your chart and schedule visits. We will send you an invite during your first visit. Please ask if you did not receive the link. Apple users there is an app as well, otherwise you can access through your browser at

Our policy is ‘no news is no news’. You should always hear from us about ANY tests you have through IFC. If you do not hear from us within 1-2 weeks on most matters, please contact us. Sometimes we get busy. Other times, things get lost in translation-- the medical world still uses paper fax for most things (ugh!).

Medication and Refills

Please bring your pill bottles with you to your visits. It helps so much. Refills: If you need refills, please call your pharmacy and they will fax us the request.  Refills take 2-3 business days, so please plan accordingly.


Your labs will be ordered and billed using our discounted lab prices. Our policy is to order all labs this way through Labcorp, which can save most of our patients a significant amount in lab costs. You will see an invoice from us the month after any labwork for these costs which will be billed to your payment on file. If you would like to use your insurance to pay for your labs, please notify Labcorp at the time of your blood draw (or us if drawn in the office) and they will switch it and bill your insurance accordingly. See for hours and locations.Text


We use a company called Vaxcare for billing immunizations.  Please check with your insurance company to see if they are in network with Vaxcare. Questions about vaccines?  Please ask!


Payment matters. We are purposefully small. We have a very tight budget and we like it that way. We can save people A LOT of money and keep costs low if everyone plays their part. The membership fee is due monthly, quarterly or yearly depending on your preference. Members who accrue more than 30 days of unpaid balance may be discharged from the practice. Members who choose to ‘sign off and on’ will be charged a $250 re-join fee each time they desire to re-join. This is because we cannot keep costs low for everyone if some folks use us as a fee-for-service clinic.

Prior to Your First Appointment

Lots of important stuff happens! Are you coming from an office that uses Mychart? Please send your login and password.  We can download important health history from your chart directly into your new medical record.
Please keep an eye on your email for important paperwork that can be completed electronically.  

We’re doing something cool and want to share it with you! We are changing healthcare- and we are so grateful you’re on board!