What is Integrated Family Care?

Direct Primary Care is a Simpler way of delivering Primary Care

It’s an old-fashioned model, with a twist. You pay one fee and that’s it. All your visits are included, with deeply discounted labwork. And best of all? You can access to your family doctor. No more waiting for weeks for an appointment.

Have insurance? You can still use your insurance for labs, imaging, seeing specialists. We just don’t bill insurance for our time.  More questions about this model? Read our Frequently Asked Questions.

“Integrated” means integrating all aspects of your life into your care

Your physical body, emotional wellbeing, the foods you eat, how well you sleep, your daily movement and managing stress... All of these are a part of Integrated Family Care. These behaviors have the greatest effect on your overall health.

Our practice focuses on thorough primary care, with the support of mindful and lifestyle modalities. We are not functional medicine specialists or integrative medicine consultants.

Meet Our Physicians

Dr. Eleanor Glass
Eleanor Glass

Dr. Glass is a third generation Dr. Glass. She is inspired by the legacy begun by her grandfather, a primary care doctor in rural England.  She is Board certified in Family Medicine, and is committed to providing patient care that serves both patient and physician in the pursuit of better health.

Dr. Glass has been recognized with many awards  including as Intern of the Year, the Marjorie Grad Vockell Award for Humanism and Compassion in Clinical Care, the Gold Humanism Society Resident as Teacher award, AOA induction, Preceptor of the Year Award, Silver Apple Teaching Award, and Cincinnati Magazine’s Best Doctors.

In addition to private practice, Dr. Glass is a faculty member at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. Dr. Glass teaches on various topics including burnout prevention for physicians, integrative approaches to mental health, back pain, and primary care for HIV/AIDS patients. Other interests include: pediatrics, women's health and contraception management, gender-affirming care, breast-feeding support, dermatologic procedures, and always nutrition, exercise and mindfulness. Dr. Glass is also on staff at the VA Medical Center, serving our local veterans.

For Dr, Glass, an integrated life means plenty of time hiking, biking, cooking, gardening - anything to avoid screen time!  She and her family are Clifton gaslight district residents. She welcomes you to join her and Dr. Mechley at Integrated Family Care.

Dr. Glass’ Education:

Undergraduate: Washington University in St. Louis

Medical school: University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

The Christ Hospital/University of Cincinnati Family Medicine Residency

The Helms Medical Institute, Acupuncture for PhysiciansParagraph

Dr. Amy Mechley
Amy Mechley

Dr. Mechley loves being a physician. She has been practicing medicine in Cincinnati, her hometown, since 1998. She married a native Cincinnatian, and they are the parents of three fantastic children. Dr. Mechley takes innovative approaches to some of the most challenging concerns in healthcare today. She is a recognized physician executive in primary care which gained her national recognition.“

Dr. Mechley has worked with all the regional Cincinnati healthcare systems. At the beginning of her 20+year career, she began a relationship with the University of Cincinnati/The Christ Hospital Family Medicine Residency, and today continues to guide and teach the residents, our future primary care physicians. Dr. Mechley feels strongly that primary care physicians need to be independent in order to serve as true patient advocates. Primary care doctors can work fully in the best interest of their patients, fostering a deep caring relationship to help improve health and promote wellness.

Dr. Mechley and Dr. Glass have been crossing paths through the years as they both moved to fully embrace a more holistic approach to medicine. This synergy and aligned missions brought them together to open Integrated Family Care in 2017. The practice embodies all the learnings from many years of work as a caring doctor, along with an executive understanding of the business of medicine. She feels this practice is a culmination of her calling as a healer. Dr. M would love to welcome you to the practice and to journey with you.

Dr. Mechley’s Education:

Undergraduate: Saint Louis University

Medical School: University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

University of Utah Family Practice Residency at McKay-Dee Hospital

Massachusetts General Hospital advanced clinical training in cardiac wellness and Harvard’s Henry Benson Institute in Mind Body Medicine

Our Approach

If we can help you identify and then support you in making optimal changes, versus just treating the symptoms, you will not only have better health, you will also feel better for a lifetime. Many times, saving you the side effects and costs of medications which we may minimize or may not need at all. We are board-certified, primary care doctors who will use many evidence based tools to help you optimize your health.

We thrive when you do

Our practices focuses on thorough primary care, with the support of mindful and lifestyle modalities. We are not functional medicine specialists or integrative medicine consultants.


We believe good health is achieved by delivering continuous care with uncompromising standards that is easily accessible

...and that for physicians good health is delivered in a system that rewards relationships with patients with a concern for all aspects of their well being

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct primary care is Advanced Primary Care provided by independant doctors who focus on complete care and value for their patients. We know we can do this without the middleman, so no insurance companies. Turns out when we don't bill insurance, costs actually go down. Way down. And, we get to focus on providing the best care, because we only work for you. Fully transparent, you'll know exactly how much that care costs. And we think you'll be surprised. Great care is surprisingly affordable.

Do you accept my insurance?

No, we do not bill any insurance plans. If you have health insurance you can use it for outside services that are not part of your membership, like labs, imaging, vaccines or visits with specialists. We recommend you call your insurance to see if those services are covered.

If I have insurance, why should I join?

Because we are an exceptional team who will take great care of you. We are a part of your community and take the time to get to know you. We promise to focus on what is valuable to you- easy access, transparent pricing, and highest quality, personalized care.

Give us a try, you'll like us.

What is covered? Does anything cost extra?

Your IFC membership includes access to your family doctor, an annual physical, all office and virtual visits, access to our texting app, Spruce and discounted cash based prices for labs, vaccines and imaging. We charge extra (usually about $40) for procedures such as biopsies.  See What’s Included page.

Do I pay my membership fee annually? What if I want to quit?

You have the option to pay monthly, quarterly, biannually or annually.   We do ask for a one year commitment. View our pricing.

What if I need to see a specialist or go to the hospital?

If it's a true emergency, call 911, or go to the emergency room. We are not affiliated with any specific hospital system but we can obtain records from any local hospital and care for you afterwards.

If it's something urgent but not life threatening, call us first. We may be able to see you right away, and save you a trip.

If you need a specialist, we can refer you to any hospital network or independent practitioner and stay in close touch with that physician. If you are paying out of pocket, there may be cash based pricing for you. If you want to use insurance for those services, you can do so.

Can you take care of me if I’m out of town?

When our patients are traveling, they often call on us for help with sudden illness or injury, or for forgotten meds.  We can order labs and send prescriptions, and have virtual visits.  Sometimes we may say you really need to see someone locally for more urgent care.

Can I use my HSA/FSA to pay the membership fee?

Most of our patients do, but you will need to check with your HSA/FSA provider.

Can I meet with the doctor before I commit to the membership?

We can take a few minute call if you have specific questions. Another great option is to watch our video or read our Google reviews to see what others say about us.

So you guys see kids and adults? What is the difference between a family doctor and an internist, or a pediatrician?

Dr. Mechley and Dr. Glass are board certified Family Medicine physicians. We are uniquely trained specialists in caring for the entire family: from newborn care through childhood, adolescence, and adulthood, even through end-of-life care. An internist provides care for adults only, a pediatrician for kids only, whereas we care for all ages. We have additional training in basic dermatology, gynecology, and office procedures, giving your family multiple resources right in our office.

What should I expect on my first visit? What about my old medical records?

All new patient’s complete a New Patient Appointment. This is usually done virtually. This virtual visit is a 30 minute call used to primarily go over your healthy history with the provider. After this appointment, Dr. Mechley or Dr. Glass will advise you on next steps including placing orders for annual well lab work and advising you on when they’d like to see you in the office next.

If you have records via a MyChart account and would like us to upload any records to your new chart please let us know. We will need the hospital system and your log in information to do a one time transfer of your medical records.

Can your doctors manage mental health medications and/or prescribe controlled substances?

Determined on a case by case basis.

What is the difference between Concierge Medicine and Direct Primary Care?

Concierge practices often bill your insurance, as well as charging you an annual or monthly fee. We never bill insurance, so no co-pays! This is how we save you money. This allows us to keep our overhead low, which keeps our prices low for everyone, no matter what insurance you have. This also allows access for people with minimal or no insurance.

I used to see a doctor for Functional Medicine, can you do this? or an Integrative Medicine consult?

We do not do functional medicine testing or integrative medicine consults. Many patients who ask this question have a specific health concern they want addressed. We make a great fit for someone interested in partnering with their doctor for long term care, not to manage a specific symptom or ailment. Our experience is that the basics of whole health - nutrition, movement and emotional health, create the best foundation for our care. We do not routinely do advanced testing which is not clinically sound or use excessive supplements in our care.

What are your recommendations about vaccines?

Integrated Family Care is a vaccinating practice. This means that we believe in the evidence based guidelines on vaccines published by The American Academy of Pediatrics, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. Subsequently, we recommend that all of our patients follow the published standard guidelines. As a patient-centered practice, we will always help address your concerns, as long as we can protect our patients from diseases that may imminently threaten them or other patients with whom they are in contact.

Do you have a question?

Drop us a line through our contact form and we’ll get back with you!